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  Poker Drill Master for Windows, download


NOTE: This software is sold as an online-download provided immediately after you purchase the product. No CD or other material is shipped to you (and there are no shipping charges). A simple one-click installation program is provided to you immediately by e-mail after you complete your purchase. All instructions and extensive documentation are included in the installation.

Poker Drill Master is a Texas Hold'em poker training program unlike anything else:

  • Learn to correctly determine poker pot odds, and make the best decisions at every betting opportunity.
  • Use our incredibly fast and powerful poker calculator that tells you the winning probabilities and odds for any combination of known and unknown hands and/or board.
  • Use the powerful poker system editor that lets you select from supplied pre-flop decision methodologies by popular authors and experts, as well as edit or create your own systems.
  • View the Outs table to quickly find single card outs probabilities and pot odds with one or two cards to go.

    This program is not a game: you do not play poker against the computer, or battle against programmed opponents. Poker Drill Master maximizes the learning power of your valuable training time by using targeted drills. You are presented with poker games in various states, and have to make the right betting decisions based on the pot odds and/or poker system. This unique approach focuses your attention and mental energy where it counts the most: poker betting.

    Features/Modes of Poker Drill Master

    Poker Drill Master is structured into four main modes: Drill, Calculator, System, and Outs. All modes and features are available in both the Windows and Pocket PC versions*.

    Drill Mode (Click here for an online demo)

  • You complete your Texas Hold'em poker training in Drill Mode. Semi-random poker games in various states of completion are presented to you, with a betting decision. You are guided through a series of questions about pot odds that you must answer, ultimately ending in a question on the correct betting action (fold, call or raise). Every aspect of Drill Mode is configurable from the Options item in the File menu, so you can tune the testing to exactly what you need the most help on.

    Calculator Mode (Click here for an online demo)

  • Calculator mode is the brains behind Poker Drill Master. To determine your winning probabilities and pot odds, a powerful poker simulator is used to run millions of random games (or all permutations, if the number of combinations is manageable). The pot odds and probabilities are calculated from the averages of these simulations.
  • While Drill Mode uses the poker simulator to ultimately decide the right decisions, you can also use the simulator to test any possible Texas Hold'em game. A unique aspect of our poker calculator is that you can test any combination of both known and unknown hands. The calculator automatically figures out if it can exhaustively run every permutation of the game, or runs a few million random games instead.

    System Mode (Click here for an online demo)

  • Using pot odds in low-limit poker games to determine your decisions is the most common and recommended method for post-flop hands. But pre-flop, the pot is often not big enough and it is better to base your decision on other factors (such as betting position, raises, callers, and of course your starting hand). Many well known experts have published their own pre-flop poker systems that tell when to fold, call or raise with different opening hands.
  • System Mode is where you access, edit and create poker systems. Poker Drill Master includes a number of popular published systems, but you can always copy and tinker with them, or create new ones. The powerful editor lets you define arbitrary rules that indicate under what conditions you should take difference actions.
  • * Note: poker system editing is available in the Windows version only. But you can edit and create systems in the Windows version, save them to a file and import them in the Pocket PC version. All other features are available in the Pocket PC version.

    Outs Mode (Click here for an online demo)

  • The poker simulator powering this program is great, but does not represent a practical way human players can determine their edge in live play. Most experts recommend computing your outs: the number of remaining opportunities or cards that can complete a given high-probability winning hand.
  • The Outs Mode shows you your chances of securing a hand with a single card in one or two draws. Outs are a great estimating tool for determining your minimum required pot odds, and hence the correct betting decisions.

    Biased and Unknown Opponent Hands (Click here for a summary)

    This is probably the most powerful and unique feature in Poker Drill Master: the ability to specify unknown opponent hands with different stengths. This feature is also utilized in Drill Mode as well, where opponents that call or raise will be assumed to have slightly stronger hands. This can have a profound effect on the pot odds and equity in Calculator Mode.

    Have more questions? Visit the DeepNet web site:

    What the Pros are Saying about Poker Drill Master

    Bill Burton, author of Get the Edge at Low-Limit Texas Hold'em and 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets, has this to say about Poker Drill Master:

  • "Poker Drill Master is a unique program where you learn through a series of random drills or by analyzing hands that you enter into the calculator. The calculator is the best on the market and is worth the price of the program alone."

    Frank Scoblete, #1 best-selling gaming author in North America, says this:

  • "Dan Pronovost [DeepNet Technologies] creates the greatest advantage-play software in the world. If you want to win at casino gambling, this is a great investment."

    Dom Loggio, the expert gambler featured in Breaking Vegas on television, says:

  • "When I wanted to learn everything about Poker as my third game, I went to Deepnet to look for Poker software because their software was easy to use and always bug free! I purchased the first release of Poker Drill Master and use it all the time! It has greatly improved my game!"

    Henry Tamburin, blackjack expert and author of, "Take the Money and Win", say:

  • "When it comes to advantage gambling training products, Dan's blackjack, craps, and poker software are the best. If you want to be a winner, practice with his software!"
    Price: $59.95


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