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  Smart Craps Professional, download


NOTE: This software is sold as an online-download provided immediately after you purchase the product. No CD or other material is shipped to you (and there are no shipping charges). A simple one-click installation program is provided to you immediately by e-mail after you complete your purchase. All instructions and extensive documentation are included in the installation.

Smart Craps is a fundamentally new way for dice controllers to win at the casino game of craps. With Smart Craps, you will learn:

  • how to prove, with statistical certainty, that you are influencing the dice outcomes, using our powerful and new Pro Test method.

  • the optimal dice sets and bets given your unique dice control skill.

  • your edge over the casino: how much money you can make playing craps.

Features in Smart Craps

Smart Craps is crammed with features designed to help dice control experts maximize their potential in the game of craps. Nothing comes close to the advanced simulators and tools in Smart Craps:

  • Pro Test dice control metric: Learn about our new Pro Test dice control test, the most accurate and powerful statistical test for dice control in the game of craps. Instead of needing many thousands of rolls for statistical certainty with tests like the SRR, Pro Test can tell you in a few hundred rolls whether you are in fact influencing the dice.

  • Professional craps simulation: model every possible aspect of the game, includng rare but important aspects such as odds, payout rounding, commission bets, multiple shooters, extensible betting systems, known and 'blind' betting on shooters, lay bets, random table walkups/shooters, and much more. You can simulate games with SRR shooters, Pro Test dice controllers, or even random shooters.

  • Easy to use wizards: no need to struggle with setting up complex simulations and tests. Smart Craps includes detailed wizards to guide you through both taking a Pro Test, and setting up simulations.

  • SRR Support (Seven-to-Rolls Ratio): Run craps simulations with different minimum and/or maximum SRR values. Find out what edge you have based on your SRR values.

  • Dice set optimizer: Using the new Pro Test dice control metric, use our mathematical calculators to immediately determine the optimal dice set for any craps bets, including pass and don't pass. You'll be amazed to find out what the best dice sets are for you at different times in the game. Is the 3V set the best on a 4 point, or does a different dice set make you more money? Smart Craps answers these questions once and for all with mathematical precision. Prove exactly how much money you can make with your Pro Test dice control skill!

  • Edge calculator: Using the dice influence indicated by your Pro Test results, Smart Craps determines your actual edge at the game for different bets! No simulations or guesses... this is pure mathematical precision, using detailed statistical models to represent your dice control.

  • Add-on betting modules: Smart Craps comes with everything you need to simulate complicated multi-player table craps games. This professional bundle includes the add-on betting module that goes far beyond the built-in defaults.

  • Risk of Ruin (ROR) calculators and simulation: Find out how much bankroll you need to survive in any given game and your unique dice control skill. You can uses our ROR simulator to empirically derive your bankroll requirements through multiple simulation sessions. Or, use our ROR calculators that immediately estimate your ROR from well known mathematical formulas.

  • 100+ pages of online help and documentation: A wealth of detailed help is available at the press of a button in every dialog and at any time. Learn about Pro Test, proof that it works, and even how to take a dice control test the right way.

  • Command line batch processing: You can run Smart Craps from the command line, allowing you to automate simulation runs and tests with different settings.
  • Reviews of Smart Craps

    The experts are talking about Smart Craps, and the news is good!

  • Frank Scoblete, #1 best-selling gaming author in America, says:
    "Dan Pronovost is a genius, there's no question about that. His new software SMART CRAPS is truly revolutionary. The concept of the software is to prove you have an edge and to show you how to increase that edge with "cutting edge" dice sets that you may not have even thought about. What startled me was that my rolls were analyzed and while I had a good edge, the software recommended I change certain things about my dice sets at certain times. This increased my edge by quite a bit."
  • Dominator, Golden Touch Craps Instructor/founder:
    "This is revolutionary! You can now with a small sample of throws be able to calculate your real advantage over the casinos when you have the dice! Knowing this advantage you then can decide what bets will return to you the greatest amount of winnings. Now the software will also tell you what set, and again this is revolutionary, to use to maximize your edge!"
  • Jerry "Stickman" Stich: (click here for full software review):
    " If you goal is to be a winner in the casino, Smart Craps is a great tool to help you succeed."

    More comments from users...

    Charlie M.: "I wanted to give you some very good feedback on Smart Craps. After passing [Pro Test] and letting the software suggest going to the 3V set for point 5,6,8,9 and the 2V for the 4 and 10 has been amazing. I would have likely never considered going to the 3V set as Ive had good results with the hard-ways set."

    Jim C.: "I have purchased the roll recorder and love it."

    Price: $129.95


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